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Smart Home Platforms - Bringing IoT, the User and the Web industries closer together

A lot has been already said about SmartHome platforms, however the discussion mostly focuses on the interoperability and how it will make various devices work together. The most prominent and probably biggest platforms being Google Weave and Apple HomeKit. With the release of Weave in the coming months I thought it's time to highlight some of the implications that have not been mentioned much: Guest access to improve user focus and marketing based on devices discovered on the home network. Especially how it will grow the consumer IoT closer mobile and web industries.

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Connectivity - the driver for Innovation in the Industry 4.0

The buzzword of Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 is often connected with the Idea of Digitization. However, the term is inadequate to describe the essence of it. Industrial machinery and products where digitized over 10 years ago, the key changes to happen concern the flow of information. Most production tools are still "silos" where a lot of valuable information is locked and constrained. Connectivity will allow the flow of information and data to create positive effects of increased flexibility and efficiency.

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Appointment Scheduling Sucks!

Appointment scheduling sucks! It always goes like "Hey how about this Saturday?", "Oh no I can't Saturday. What about next Tuesday?" and so on and so forth. Also it only get's worse with more and more people involved.

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Facebook's stretch towards IoT

Facebook aims at Internet of Things through Parse for IoT which was revealed at this years F8 conference. While it seems a bit odd at first that a company which started by connecting people through the internet is now aiming at devices, I believe it is a significant move for Facebook and the whole IoT-Sector as such. The reason why I believe this is because there is so much striking resemblance of how Google got into Android back in 2005.

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