Valentin Sawadski

Let me introduce me to you based on three powerful questions asked by Simon Sinak

Why do I do I things?
I believe in three simple things:

  1. We can not live without tech, never did, never will. Even the oldest cave paintings show Humans using tools, or in other words, using the best technology that was available to them. Therefore don't fight technological advances, instead try to understand them, steer the direction tech is going and learn to make the best of it.
  2. Exploration and experimentation is crucial to understand where were going. If Scientists and Entrepreneurs don't make the first step into unknown terrain we'll never know what could have been. So despite the odds, if it's worth a shot, then let's do it! Let's take calculated risks.
  3. We're all humans, so let's be kind to each other.

How do I do them?

  1. "Watching the Alpha-Geeks", to quote Tim O'Reilly. There are just to many excellent people out there which are better at so many important things than I'll ever be. Therefore instead of re-inventing the wheel I try to reach out to them, stick around and learn from the best.
  2. A protoype is worth a thousand meetings. So let's build stuff and talk about it later.
  3. My first question is always "Why". I try to avoid jumping to conclusions before I understand someones motivation and reasoning. Asking for the "Why" will always help to give better feedback.

What do I do?

  1. I build stuff for Internet of Things. Most importantly, I'm very happy to be part of tado┬░ but I also contribute to the ContikiOS.
  2. I support Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial eduction like Best of X and Manage & More by sharing my knowledge and connecting the right people.
  3. I watch and attend conferences like the Chaos Communication Congress
  4. For fun I listen to a lot of Music and try to play the guitar myself.
  5. ...

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