Valentin Sawadski

Right now I think it you're in a very good spot if you are a entrepreneur in Munich. Mainly for those three reasons:

  1. Munich has a new Incubator, Venture-Stars
  2. The HUB is coming to Munich
  3. Oktoberfest started yesterday


Venture-Stars is the brand new incubator from the founders of Netzathleten Media. They recently sold Netzathleten for 20mio € to RTL (german), a german television company and founded their new incubator just at the end of last week. So this is pretty fresh and exciting to see how this will work out. I met Florian Calmbach, one of the founders of Netzathleten and partners of Venture Stars, the other day and it was great to see how psyched he was about this. He especially pointed out to me how great it is to have Venture Stars located in the same building as Netzathleten. That way both can benefit from each other and work together closely.

The HUB Munich

The HUB is a big Network of more than 26 coworking spaces on 5 continents "to create places for people who change things". And it is a shame that Munich, despite being a strong technological and entrepreneurial location, does not have a HUB, until now! Two Students from the TU Munich are planing on creating a HUB in Munich. Their kick-off Event will take place next week on 20th of September and it is definitely a huge step forward for creating a community of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurs in Munich.

The Oktoberfest

Munich is in exceptional circumstances again. The Oktoberfest started! While to most of the visitors it is just a place to get drunk, entrepreneur could try to use the fact that there are 6 million people from all over the world in the city! It is a huge opportunity to gain world wide attention if you are targeting the Oktoberfest crowd correctly. Unfortunately I do not know any startup that does this, so if you do know someone write me! You can also write me if you are in Munich and wanna get togehter for a Beer at the Oktoberfest ;-)

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