Valentin Sawadski

These days something very cool is going on in Germany. The Gründerbus will be on tour!

The Gründerbus (= Founders Bus in German) is a 10 day road trip for aspiring entrepreneurs across Germany. In these 10 days they will meet Entrepreneurs and VCs like Venture Stars and Hanse Ventures.

The Idea and the Stations of the trip sounded awesome so that I just had to sign up for this in August. In the meantime I started working for EnergyBob and as one could have expected: In a start up in it's early phase there are deadlines to meet and important tasks to do, so it would be tricky to get a 10 day leave. However I have not heard back from Gründerbus in a while so I thought I did not get picked anyway and there will be no dilemma after all.... until last week!

Last Week, Jan from Gründerbus wrote me that I could be part of it, but at EnergyBob there are so many things to do so that I could not afford a 10 day leave! Damnit!

I'd really love to be part of this incredible experience. At least I can attend their kick-off in Munich but when it comes to board the bus I will be left behind. Luckily Frank, a friend of mine, will go on this trip. So hopefully he and Twitter will keep me posted!

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