Valentin Sawadski

Reading is one of the few things of human culture that prevailed. For more than two thousand years, people have read text and gained knowledge and wisdom through it. So it's no wonder that there are a lot of companies out that that want to reinvent and innovate the reading experience.

Collaborative Reading

Reading has always been a social activity. There are a lot of Book Clubs offline and soon also online. Lately I've noticed Readmill and QuoteFM getting some traction and I'm sure they are not the only ones out there. Unfortunately I don't have access to those services as they are still in a closed beta (btw. I'd like an invite) but I'm absolutely certain that if executed nicely this will be huge and make reading a more social activity!


Up till right now Books have had a technical advantage over electronic reading devices. They don't run on battery power, are highly transportable, and very inexpensive. But as tablets mature this advantage is going to melt away and soon the advantages of the tablets can kick in. So it's no wonder that Amazon, Apple and Google have a huge book store and great devices to lure people away from paper books.


I only found out about this today but I already like the idea. Services like help you to quickly get the most important information out of a book. Nobody has time to read all relevant books on a certain topic so this will hopefully help to cut through the noise and save some of our precious time.


The way we read is going to change for the better. Here's a video by Ideo on how it might be in the future!

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