Valentin Sawadski

I love crowdfunding. I'm constantly amazed by the project people are working, let it be Arduino based Satellites or the OUYA game system for your TV. What I was wondering is if large corporations could use that kind of financing to develop products and features that would have a hard time to get enough budgets for internal financing.

Let me give you an example. O2 Telefonica in Germany has a handy visual voice mail app for the iPhone.

But Android users are left alone with the annoying and hard to use dial tone menu. Taking a look at the Mein O2 App for Android it has been downloaded at least 100.000 times. So if 10% of that user would pay 1€ for such an app, it may be already enough to finance that.

However I'm not aware of any company that uses crowdfunding (Please leave a comment if I'm wrong). This format of financing and funding is still stuck in the independent project and startup-space.

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