Valentin Sawadski

One month ago tado┬░ the company I co-created anounced a big financing round. This news has been well received by a lot of people including a swarm of Freelancer. After talking to all of them I thought I write down some thought that came to my mind.

1. You're not one in a million

If you wait for techcrunch to report about new funding before you call a company be prepared that you might be number 20 calling this day. So after listening about 19 different industry experts with years of experience and a track record of successful projects for esteemed organizations please stop beating around the bush and tell us about you or the person you are representing.

2. Do your homework before calling

The tado┬░ product is fueled by various different technologies. We use low Power RF, IPv6, Grails and PhoneGap among others. And thats no secret, you just have to check our Jobs page and follow us on the interwebs to figure this out. But we don't use ZigBee, so please don't call and try to sell us a ZigBee professional.

3. Give it some thought if it would make sense for the company to hire a Freelancer

For some businesses it simply does not make sense to hire a lot of freelancers. In my opinion companies that build services instead of classical products will always prefer employees over Freelancers. Because these companies do not build once an ship a million times. They have to make sure their service is working at 100% all the time. So people who build the important parts must be in for the long run otherwise the knowledge to keep the system running leaves the company, which is a contradiction to the nature of the Freelancer. So next time try to think of at least five scenarios where it would make sense to have a freelancer with this particular skill-set and experience in the company before you contact them.

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