Valentin Sawadski

Facebook aims at Internet of Things through Parse for IoT which was revealed at this years F8 conference. While it seems a bit odd at first that a company which started by connecting people through the internet is now aiming at devices, I believe it is a significant move for Facebook and the whole IoT-Sector as such. The reason why I believe this is because there is so much striking resemblance of how Google got into Android back in 2005.

Anyone remember Android?

Back then Google saw the trend that online access will shift from traditional computers to mobile devices. These devices essentially became a gate to Googles online empire and whoever controls the devices has a tight grip on which services will be the default and hence mainly used. A big threat for Google.

Internet Things killed the SmartPhones

Right now there's another trend that we more and more interact with device which are not our phones. Fitness trackers, kitchen appliances and more will be the first devices to notice our new experiences like a new sports record or cooking a tasty dinner for our friends. And these are exactly the kinds of social events and experiences that Facebook wants to know about us for their advertisement business.

So just like in 2005, the devices are a gate to our offline experiences which makes them a strategic goal for Facebook. With that being said I can not agree more with Venture Beat's outlook on Parses impact on Facebook's "social graph"

If a few IoT use cases and apps take off on Parse, the data from and access into the connected devices could ultimately extend Facebook’s “social graph” with a larger IoT graph, which would open up a larger advertising opportunity for Facebook.

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