Valentin Sawadski

Philips Hue, Caséta Wireless, Belkin Wemo, eQ-3 MAX! and tado° the all got one thing in common. All require a dedicated Gateway Device.

// TODO Add a bunch of WiFi connected devices On the other Hand devices like

// Why are the devices with WiFi and others have a GW?

// The Gateway case
    // Advantages
        // Plug and Play installation
        // Allows for Lower Power RF or custom RF
    // Disadvantages
        // Yet another HW device lying around

// The WiFi case
    // Advantages
        // No extra HW
    // Disadvantages
        // Higher Power Requirements
        // Painful setup and installation

// Fate of the Gateway defined by two trends

// Trend 1: Better availability of WiFi
// Trend 2: GW based IoT Device Deployment

// Draw the Graph with the intersection of both to show the critical point
// for GW adoption

// Consequences: Integration below the IP Level unpractical for the near future // This is probably the reason why IFTTT has seen so much traction for devices // lately.

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