Valentin Sawadski

3 things that will change your reading

Reading is one of the few things of human culture that prevailed. For more than two thousand years, people have read text and gained knowledge and wisdom through it. So it's no wonder that there are a lot of companies out that that want to reinvent and innovate the reading experience.

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How will your future space-plumber be like?

Before you read this post, please take a look at this guy. He is Al Borland, the Handyman from the the TV Series Home Improvement. Al is just this nice, down to earth person who is good with power tools and fixes things around the house. Unfortunately, his type will soon be extinct.

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Don't read news, watch them on a map!

Blogs, Twitter and the Kindle set out to change the publishing business. And lot of things have indeed changed for the better. But one fundamental limitation has remained. We still read news as loosely coupled text printed in columns!

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